We all love the colour and scent of arranging fresh flowers in our homes, but sadly their beauty is often only fleeting. Even the most dedicated and meticulous of us struggle to get most cut flowers - especially roses - to last longer than a week. Their short lifespan is one of the reasons why faux flowers make such a fantastic addition to your homes!

Arranging your Peony faux flowers

Our Peony faux flower stems have been designed to be long-lasting so that you can enjoy them year after year. The individual stems and arrangements can be re-configured many times to create unique displays. Some of our stems are also waterproof which means you can add water to your vessels to give the look and feel of a freshly cut bouquet. No one has to know they’re faux, unless you let them in on the secret!  

The Fragrance of Real Flowers

We also offer a fantastic collection of fragrances to spray on to your arrangements to give them that freshly cut scent we all love. Choose from our classic Peony Fresh Flower spray which includes rose, peony and eucalyptus or opt for the scent of your favourite flower such as Sweet Pea, Orchid, Casablanca Lily or White Jasmine. The scents have been designed to smell as natural as possible and will ensure your home smells of fresh flowers all year round.      

How do I clean my Peony faux flowers?

To ensure your stems and arrangements look as fresh as possible, here are our top flower care tips: 

  1. Use a hairdryer, on a cool setting, to help blow away any surface dust. We also recommend investing in a small brush (such as a blusher or bronzing brush) to help remove smaller dust particles, especially between each petal. 
  2. Gently wipe each leaf with a clean, damp cloth. Make sure you use a cloth which is free of any cleaning products (as these could discolour the leaves).
  3. Clean the vase as you would with any ornament.
For a bonus element of luxury, spray your arrangement with one of our fragrances to ensure your flowers smell as good as they look! Easy to clean and easy to care for…there really is no better reason to go faux this season!
June 14, 2022 — Julie Bates


Maria Wallbank said:

Hi just wanted to let you know I think your flower arrangements and stems are the most amazing I’ve seen I visit ur shop as often as I can and I also love your vases and sprays Thank you Julie

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