When you purchase beautiful artificial flower arrangements or bouquets from Peony Faux Flowers, you are purchasing more than just one design. Your display of artificial stems contains an almost infinite number of combinations for you to arrange and rearrange. Whether you're new to creating artificial flower arrangements, or just need some tips or ideas, we are here to help.

Read on for Julie’s top tips for creating new artificial flower arrangements with your existing Peony Faux Flower displays this summer.

Swap your plain vessel for a coloured or textured one

The easiest way to update your favourite artificial flower arrangements is to change the type of vessel you display your flowers in. Simply choose a vase the same height as your existing one and move your flowers from one vessel to another. Making one simple swap can completely change your flower arrangements. We have a fabulous selection of vases and vessels which are perfect for all sizes and types of arrangements.

Create a fresh new look just by changing one type of stem in your artificial flower arrangements

If you’ve never designed your own artificial flower arrangements before, then why not start by swapping one type of flower for another. For example, you could swap your spring tulips for summer roses or peonies. Or, why not switch your autumnal or winter foliage for bright summer greenery such as our real touch green skimmia berries on a long stem or grass seed on a long stem.

Change the shape of your artificial flower arrangements with cascading stems

Nearly all of our flowers have been designed with flexible stems to enable you to bend and shape them to fit the style and size of your chosen vessel. If you have a large arrangement in a tall vessel, then choose complementary flowers to cascade down the side. This will help to create a fuller look for your floral displays. One of our favourite flowers to use for this look is our beautiful artificial wisteria which comes in bridal white or pink .

Consider mixing your fake flowers with real flowers

Do you have lots of beautiful flowers growing in your summer garden? Why not cut some and arrange them in your favourite vase? Or if you don't have enough flowers, then let our faux stems come to the rescue. They are ideal for using to create a unique mix of real and artificial flower arrangements.

Our favourite artificial flower stems for mixing and matching with real flowers are hydrangeas, roses, peonies, tulips and green foliage. Use faux stems to create a fuller look for your vase of fresh flowers. Or to create an arrangement to perfectly match your interior colour palette.

Nearly all of our individual stems can be placed in water with real flowers, with the exception of our wooded stems or coated foliage. Please refer to individual product descriptions for full details.

Finally, remember to have fun!

We hope our tips have given you the confidence to try creating your own artificial flower arrangements this year. There are no fixed rules when it comes to arranging flowers so remember to have fun with your creations. Our flower stems are incredibly durable so can be arranged and rearranged as many times as you need to.

Don’t forget to share your finished designs on social media! We always love to see what you have created with our faux flowers!

July 14, 2023 — Julie Bates

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