Every year over 200 million roses are grown and sold especially for Valentine’s Day. So why do we send roses on Valentine's Day? Whilst they come in a variety of gorgeous colours, more than half of the roses sold for Valentine’s Day are one colour: red. If you have received (or given) more bouquets of red roses for Valentine’s Day than you care to remember, then perhaps it is time to think about some of the other amazing roses, or flower options which are available at this time of year. 

The History of Gifting Red Roses

The tradition of giving red roses to a loved one can be traced back to ancient Rome and the festival of Lupercalia which was celebrated in mid-February. As part of the festival, men would give their beloved small gifts, such as red roses, as a token of their affection. Gifting roses as a symbol of love and passion also has its roots in Greek and Roman mythology. The red rose in particular is often associated with Aphrodite who was said to have pricked her finger on the thorn of a white rose, which then bled onto the petals turning them red. 

Alternative Valentine’s Day Flowers

Over the centuries, red roses have continued to be adopted as a symbol of love or affection and for many people they are the obvious choice for celebrating Valentine’s Day. However, as any keen gardener will know, you will struggle to find a rose in bloom in the UK until May at the earliest! Perhaps it is time to break the tradition of gifting roses for Valentine’s Day? There are so many gorgeous flowers just starting to come into bloom at this time of year which would make wonderful presents for Valentine’s Day.  From bridal white hellebores to pale pink tulips  there are so many beautiful options to choose from. 

Whilst the price of real rose stems often increases at this time of year, here at Peony, our prices remain the same whatever the month. Plus, whilst stocks last, all of our stems are currently 3 for 2 so you can create your own gorgeous bespoke bouquets for less this Valentine’s Day! 

If It Has To Be Roses…

For the traditionalists amongst you, we know that gifting anything other than roses at Valentine’s Day might feel a step too far - especially if they happen to be your loved one’s favourite flower. However, instead of buying a real bouquet of roses this year, why not choose a gift which can be enjoyed all year round? We have the most beautiful collection of bouquets and arrangements featuring a variety of stunning rose colours which will make the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. 

Our Top Picks for alternative Valentine’s Gifts

For a truly romantic display of roses, look no further than our large rose and foliage bouquet. The soft pastel shades of pink and apricot roses have such an abundance of beautiful petals making them look as if they have come straight from a summer flower garden. Finished with pale green foliage, this bouquet is the perfect way to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day. 

Spoil your significant other this year by gifting our show stopping bouquet of roses, dahlias, hydrangeas and summer foliage. This is a floral display which will definitely impress this Valentine’s Day. So much better than the usual bouquet of real red roses! 

If you’re willing to move away from roses, then we recommend this gorgeous bouquet of blue hydrangeas, berries and foliage. The hydrangeas are in the most wonderful shades of blue and lavender and look so pretty with the addition of berries and summer foliage. A perfect arrangement for displaying in a large vessel the whole year round.  

Finally, if you would like to send a smaller arrangement to let a loved one or friend know you are thinking of them this Valentine’s Day then the beautiful pink hydrangeas and eucalyptus in our patterned cube is the perfect option. This arrangement will look stunning on a bedside or dressing table and because it is faux, it can be enjoyed all year round. 

Happy Valentine’s Day

We hope we have convinced you to look beyond the classic red rose bouquet as a gift this Valentine’s Day. Whether you decide to choose some beautiful, seasonal spring flowers or opt for roses in stunning shades of pink, or apricot, we have something for everyone at Peony this February. Don’t forget that all of our individual stems are currently 3 for 2 so you can create your own bespoke bouquets to really spoil your loved one this year. 

We always love seeing your bespoke creations, so please share you arrangements with us on social media using the hashtag #MyPeonyAtHome!

January 31, 2024 — Julie Bates

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