It’s no surprise that Holly features as December’s birth flower (although we know technically it isn’t a flower). You’ll struggle to find a house in Britain at Christmas time that doesn’t have a sprig of Holly somewhere!

Thought to symbolise protection and defence (the spiky edges must have something to do with this), Holly is a gorgeous feature in any arrangement at this time of year.

As for the Narcissus, Greek mythology tells us that the Narcissus was formed when a man known for his beauty, was told he would live a long and happy life, as long as he never looked at his own reflection. He spent his life rejecting all love interests until fell in love with his own reflection in a lake became so obsessed that he fell in and drowned.

The Narcissus is known for symbolising good wishes, faithfulness and respect and the clean, white Narcissus is a beautiful December flower that would look beautiful in any home.

holly wreath December peony faux flowers
December 01, 2021 — Julie Bates

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