There’s something very special about receiving a personalised gift and choosing flowers that correspond to the lucky recipient’s birth month is a lovely way to show you care.

November is the month of the wonderful Chrysanthemum.

A bright and cheerful flower, that can be found in an amazing array of colours and sizes, the Chrysanthemum is a stunning addition to any garden or bouquet. They are often referred to as ‘mum’s and the Australian’s often give them as gifts on Mother’s Day for this very reason. The chrysanthemum is also the city flower of Beijing and Kaifeng!

Often known for symbolising honesty, Chrysanthemum’s actually tend to symbolise different things to different nationalities and to make it more confusing, they that often contradict each other!

In some places the symbolise love and passion, in others sorrow. In Japan they believe that finding a Chrysanthemum petal at the bottom of a wine glass will bring you a happy and healthy life!

Nevertheless, they are a stunning flower that make a wonderful and thoughtful gift all year round and we love using them in our arrangements.

Chrysanthemum Peony Faux Flowers November


November 01, 2021 — Julie Bates

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