Late spring is such a wonderful time of year as we get to enjoy warmer, sunnier days and an abundance of beautiful fresh flowers in our gardens. After celebrating the beauty of the early spring plants, May is the turn of many of our favourite flowers. We love seeing the alliums, wisteria, roses and of course our absolute favourites: the beautiful peony come into bloom.

With so many wonderful flowers appearing every day, we love adding them to our favourite vase to enjoy inside. And we are sure many of you will be doing the same too! There are few things more wonderful than enjoying the beauty of fresh flowers in your home, but did you know that you can also match these flowers with your faux flower stems? 

Read on for my top tips and suggestions for creating a fabulous seasonal arrangement of fresh and faux flowers. 

How to Mix Fresh Flowers with Faux 

Our faux flower stems have been created to look as realistic and botanically correct as possible. Nearly all of our flowers have waterproof stems, except for our wooded stems and coated foliage, which means you can add water to your vase for a truly natural look. 

One of our favourite ways to combine fresh and faux is to mix fresh flowers with faux greenery. Whilst many of us grow flowers, not everyone will have access to their own eucalyptus or palm trees. Having a collection of faux flower stems on hand can be so helpful when it comes to creating larger arrangements. 

Many spring flowers also only bloom once which means that after cutting the flowers you won’t get any new ones until next season. This is where faux flowers really come into their own as it means you can leave your tulips or anemones happily flowering in the garden whilst you create displays with our beautiful faux versions. 

If you’re unlucky enough to suffer from hayfever, then adding heavily scented spring and summer flowers to your home might not be a good idea. You could instead substitute your scented flowers such as wisteria, peonies or lavender for our wonderful faux versions. That way you can enjoy all the floral beauty without any of the annoying side effects of hayfever! 

Our Favourite Fresh Flower and Faux Combinations 

If you grow roses then you will know that you need to deadhead them to keep them flowering all summer. Although we have a fabulous collection of faux roses, during the summer months there is nothing better than enjoying the scent of the real thing in your home. 

Roses are also such a wonderful flower to use in your arrangements as they look beautiful with so many flowers. We love to combine fresh roses with faux peonies, hydrangeas, astrantias and an abundance of beautiful greenery. 

Sweet peas are also another summer flower which really benefits from being cut regularly. They have such a wonderful aroma so are perfect for fragrancing your home during the summer months. We love to mix our sweet peas with faux anemones  to create smaller arrangements. 

Faux flowers can also help you to create fuller arrangements, especially if you have a large vase to fill. A few stems of wisteria or clematis looks so pretty trailing down the sides of your arrangements. 

Another popular summer flower which you might have growing in your garden is the lily. They are such wonderful flowers for using in your arrangements as they come in so many colours. However they are not always suitable if you have pets or are worried that the pollen might stain your furnishings. This is why you might prefer to leave the real ones in the garden and instead choose a few stems of faux lilies to mix with your fresh flower display. They will look fabulous combined with fresh roses and summer greenery.  

Celebrating Seasonal Flowers

We hope we have given you some wonderful ideas for creating seasonal arrangements with both fresh and faux flowers. Don’t forget that all of our individual stems are still 3 for 2 as part of our mix and match stem offer! So why not take the opportunity to stock up on some fabulous flowers or greenery to add to your fresh flowers displays.

As always, we love to see how creative you can be with our faux flowers, so please share your arrangements with us via our socials. You could also make adding seasonal flowers to your home even easier by choosing one of the gorgeous new arrangements from our Summer Collection.

We hope the rest of spring brings you lots of sunshine and beautiful flowers to enjoy both inside and out! 

May 28, 2024 — Julie Bates

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