Create Your Own Faux Flower Arrangement

Create Your Own Faux Flower Arrangement

It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3…

Our individual stems are perfect for creating a bespoke faux flower arrangement that is as unique as you are! All of our individual stems are currently 3 for 2 as part of our mix and match stem offer, making now the perfect time to stock up on some fabulous faux floral heaven. 

If you’ve never purchased any of our individual stems before, or would like some guidance on creating your own wonderful display, then read on for Julie’s top tips for making your own arrangements. 


Step One: Choose Your Vessel

The first step to creating any faux flower arrangement is choosing your vase. It is really important that you choose your vase based on where you are planning to display your beautiful arrangement. 

Planning to create a large show stopping arrangement for your entrance hall? Choosing a taller, wider vase will allow you to add lots of stems for a fuller look. 

Or would you like to create some special arrangements for your dining table? Smaller vases are perfect for entertaining as they enable you to add a touch of floral beauty to your table. Plus they also ensure you can see all of your wonderful guests as well as your flowers.

TOP TIP: The larger the vase, the more stems you will need to add to create a fuller look.

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Step Two: Choose Your Greenery

After choosing your vessel, you will want to choose your favourite greenery. We have so many beautiful options to choose from, but one of our favourites is eucalyptus as it goes with so many spring and summer stems. 

For a larger faux flower arrangement you will probably want to choose about five or six stems of greenery. You could choose to use one type of greenery or add further interest by adding different shades and leaf shapes. We love to add a few stems of bright green viburnum to larger arrangements as they add such a wonderful fresh feel. 

For a smaller arrangement, two or three stems of greenery should be enough to add maximum impact to your displays.

TOP TIP: If any of your stems feel a little too tall for your chosen vessel, then they can be easily cut to size with a pair of wire cutters.

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Step Three: Choose Your Flowers

After picking your favourite greenery, it is now time to choose your flowers. At this time of year we love to create arrangements with peonies, roses and hydrangeas. We have so many wonderful colours to choose from making these flowers perfect for all interior styles.

If you’re creating a larger floral display then you could also consider picking some trailing stems to cascade down the sides of your vase such as wisteria or clematis. Many of our flowers have quite flexible stems so they can bent to your chosen shape.

For smaller displays, you could opt for one large flower stem such as the bridal white dahlia pick or choose to add two or three with multiple flowering heads like our elegant sweet peas

TOP TIP: The more stems you add, the fuller your finished display will look. 

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And Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches

After you have finished your gorgeous faux flower arrangement, don't forget to add a spritz of one of our Flower Fragrance sprays to ensure your display smells as heavenly as it looks! 

You could choose a fragrance to match your flowers such as English Rose or Sweet Pea or why not opt for our bestselling Fresh Flower Fragrance with its scent of rose, eucalyptus and peony. 

Enjoy Your Arrangements! 

We hope we have given you plenty of tips for creating your own fabulous arrangements with our individual stems. There are no strict rules when it comes to making faux floral displays, so remember to enjoy the process of making something which you truly love. You could even choose to create a display with just flowers or just greenery. The possibilities really are endless with our faux flower stems! 

And don’t forget to share your wonderful, bespoke creation with us on social media. We absolutely love seeing how inventive you can be with our flowers.

April 23, 2024 — Julie Bates
Celebrate The Best of British with Peony Faux Flowers

Celebrate The Best of British with Peony Faux Flowers

This month, to coincide with the upcoming Coronation of HRH King Charles III, we would like to celebrate all things British here at Peony Faux Flowers. At this time of year, it seems as if every day brings with it a new flower to enjoy both in the garden and in our homes. A love of seasonal, British flowers has also been reflected in the design of the official Coronation invitation which was released earlier this month. The beautiful hand drawn illustrations showcase so many of our favourite flowers and it has really inspired us to get creative this season. 

As well as creating a very special arrangement to celebrate The Coronation, we would also like to share with you some of our favourite stems and arrangements which really showcase the Best of British seasonal flowers. Hopefully we will also inspire you to create your very own centrepieces or floral displays using Peony Faux Flowers as part of your Coronation celebrations next month. 

A Very Special Arrangement

We have just released the most stunning arrangement which has been created to celebrate The Coronation of HRH King Charles III. Our Kensington vase has been filled with vibrant blue delphiniums, white real touch, Old English roses, pretty red wax flowers, achillea berries and an abundance of beautiful green foliage. This arrangement will make the most wonderful centrepiece in your home for The Coronation and beyond, but it is only available for a limited time so make sure you purchase yours asap!    

Celebrating British Flowers

If you have seen the gorgeous Coronation invitation, then you will know that it has the most wonderful border celebrating the best of British seasonal flowers. Featuring beautiful bluebells, daffodils, dog roses, lily of the valley, cornflowers, thistles and so much more, the design has inspired us to use our own faux versions to celebrate the upcoming Coronation. 

A perfect starting point for your own Coronation invitation inspired display might be to use our faux red, white or cream dog roses along with purple real touch thistles, blue cornflowers, rosemary or your favourite faux greenery in a tall vessel. Although with so many beautiful flowers to choose from, it might be hard to decide which ones to leave out!  

A Red, White and Blue Theme

Of course, the most patriotic of colour schemes to celebrate The Coronation is the classic red, white and blue of our Union Jack flag. We have showcased this scheme in our Coronation Arrangement and also our Peony Jubilee Faux Floral Arrangement which was created last year to celebrate our late Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee.  

We also have so many fabulous individual stems in red, white and blue which are just perfect for creating your own floral displays. If you would like to keep to a seasonal theme, then you could start with the red of our camellia spray on a long stem, the vibrancy of red real touch parrot tulips, or the perennial summer favourite of the red hydrangea on a waterproof stem

For your blue flowers, we have the beautiful bright blue of the anemone and the cone headed hydrangea, or the pale blue of the blue astrantia or seeded foliage

To complete your patriotic colour scheme, we have the most wonderful white or cream stems to pick from. Some of our favourite stems at this time of year include the delicate white wisteria which will just cascade out of your chosen vessel; the stunning fully open bridal white peony and the very pretty white ranunculus stem complete with buds and leaves.     

A Table fit for Royalty

As part of The Coronation celebrations, you might be planning on hosting a lunch or street party for family and friends. Aside from organising delicious food and drink, don’t forget to decorate your table for this very special occasion!

For an easy, yet impactful way to decorate your table, choose from our wonderful collection of vase sets, which can be placed either individually or as a group of three. Our tall, white decanter vase set with pretty pink roses will make a wonderful addition to any table. Or for a lovely touch of spring colour, choose the bluebells and daffodils in a set of three vases

Our smaller arrangements are also the perfect height for using as a floral centrepiece to an afternoon tea or picnic table. You could opt for the delicate bluebells in our pristina vase or the wonderful rose, blossom and eucalyptus arrangement. Or, the more creative of you could choose to mix and match our smaller stems for a truly bespoke display. 

The Finishing Touches

We hope our ideas have given you plenty of inspiration for decorating your home for The Coronation. Whether you choose one of our pre-made arrangements or prefer to create your own using our range of stems, don’t forget that we have some very special offers on at the moment. All orders over £60 will receive a fabulous free gift (whilst stocks last) and until summer 2023, all of our stems are currently 3 for 2 as part of our mix and match stem offer. 

Finally, we would love to see your fabulous Coronation creations, so do remember to tag in @peony_faux_flowers when you’re sharing your posts to social media! However you choose to celebrate The Coronation, we hope you have a wonderful time and that the Great British weather is kind to us all! 

April 28, 2023 — Julie Bates
Our Top Styling Tips: How to Create Your Own Arrangements

Our Top Styling Tips: How to Create Your Own Arrangements

Unless you are naturally creative or have received floristry training, arranging flowers in a vase can be a daunting task for many. One of the questions myself and the Peony team are often asked is: how do we style our Peony flowers to look as good as they do on your website and in our shop? If you follow us on our social channels, then you will have seen our regular styling tutorial videos which we hope you all find helpful. 
November 22, 2022 — Julie Bates