April is the Month of the Highly Scented Sweet Pea

April is the Month of the Highly Scented Sweet Pea

For many of us, Sweet Peas are an essential part of an English country garden, but did you know that they were only introduced to Britain in the late 1700s? The plant was first discovered in Southern Italy and the Mediterranean in the 1600s but it took until the late 1800s before they were widely grown and cultivated in Britain. One of the most renowned Sweet Pea growers was Henry Eckford who started a nursery in Wem, right here in the Shropshire countryside. Eckford’s “Grandiflora” varieties are still among the most popular grown by British gardeners today.

Traditionally, Sweet Peas were given as a gift to say goodbye or as a thank you. As spring is the season of new beginnings, we think Sweet Peas are the perfect flower to display in your home to mark the changing of the season. Keeping with traditions, Sweet Peas also make the perfect gift to say thank you to any family or friends who you may have visited, or are planning on visiting over the next few weeks. Or, you could take inspiration from the French, where they have long been given as a wedding gift to brides to offer good luck and best wishes for married life. 

Sweet Peas generally flower throughout June and July and are renowned for their highly perfumed scent. Enjoy this short-lived flower all year round by purchasing one of our pre-made bouquets or individual stems. Spray your flowers with our delicious Sweet Pea Fragrance to enjoy the scent of freshly cut flowers all year long. 

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April 20, 2022 — Julie Bates