Our Top Styling Tips: How to Create Your Own Arrangements

Our Top Styling Tips: How to Create Your Own Arrangements

Unless you are naturally creative or have received floristry training, arranging flowers in a vase can be a daunting task for many. One of the questions myself and the Peony team are often asked is: how do we style our Peony flowers to look as good as they do on your website and in our shop? If you follow us on our social channels, then you will have seen our regular styling tutorial videos which we hope you all find helpful. 
November 22, 2022 — Julie Bates
Update Your Interior for Autumn

Update Your Interior for Autumn

As we say goodbye to the long, relaxing days of summer and move into the darker and cosier nights of autumn, now is the perfect time to think about updating your interior. Whether this involves a complete redesign of your living or sleeping space, will of course depend on your budget. However, there is an easy and cost effective way to update your interior space this autumn and that is with our gorgeous collection of faux. 

Our collection of stems and foliage are such an easy way to refresh your existing Peony arrangements for autumn. It is amazing how you can achieve a completely different look simply by changing green foliage for an autumnal colour palette. Many of our flowers even have waterproof stems so can be used to enhance your fresh flower arrangements. 

You could also choose to dress your favourite vessel with one of our pre-designed bouquets and display it in your entrance way or living room to add a beautiful touch of autumn colour to your interior. Our bouquets also make fantastic gifts for a birthday, anniversary or even just to say thank you to a family member or friend.

Finally, for a real show stopping look, our collection of stunning arrangements in our handmade vessels have been created to look as if you have picked the stems straight from your own garden. However, unlike fresh flowers, our faux arrangements will last the whole season long and can be reconfigured with new Peony flowers to create a fresh look for any time of year.

Here are my favourite choices from our collection of gorgeous autumnal flowers.


Rustic Hydrangea Astilbe, Mixed Berries And Foliage In A Gift Box

Rustic Hydrangea Astilbe, Mixed Berries And Foliage In A Gift Box

A beautiful bouquet of hydrangeas, astilbe, peach/pink real touch spider chrysanthemums, rich dark berries and abundance of foliage has a slight vintage feel to it. It is such an opulent piece and makes the perfect gift as it comes in a presentation box with a bow. 




Orange Chrysanthemums and Foliage in a Large Rope Lantern Vase 

Orange Chrysanthemums and Foliage in a Large Rope Lantern VaseThese absolutely stunning burnt orange chrysanthemums, green proteas, an abundance of beautiful ferns, foliage and the bridal white spray roses are perfect for your autumn and winter interior. All displayed in the large rope lantern vase, it would look stunning on your hall or entrance table. 




Autumnal Leaf Stem
Autumnal Leaf Stem Update your existing Peony arrangements with this stunning autumnal leaf spray. The stems will add wonderful height to your vases as well as a gorgeous pop of autumnal colour. 

Red pom pom hydrangea with leaves on a long stem

Red pom pom hydrangea with leaves on a long stem - These wonderful, vibrant red hydrangea stems are perfect for adding colour to your home. They look just as good displayed on their own in a large vessel as they would mixed in with autumn foliage and flowers.





Hopefully our selection has given you plenty of inspiration for updating your home with fabulous faux this autumn. We love seeing our flowers in your homes, so don’t forget to share your Peony arrangements or bespoke creations with us via social media.

September 22, 2022 — Julie Bates
August Flower of the Month: Poppy

August Flower of the Month: Poppy

Bright Summer Flowers

August is such a wonderful time for all of us flower lovers as our gardens are full of vibrant flowers and gorgeous scents. Whilst our gardens will all be different in both size and colour, one flower which we might all have in common is the poppy. You might have chosen to plant a perennial poppy in your garden, or perhaps scattered some seeds to create your own wildflower meadow. However, it is highly likely that you find poppies just appearing in your garden as if from nowhere after their seeds were blown in by the wind.

Delicate Poppies 

Poppies are usually in flower from May - August, however each individual flower is only likely to last a few days or a week at most. This is due to their delicate paper-thin petals which are easily destroyed by summer rain or wind. Poppies also make great cut flowers, however you will still struggle to get them to last longer than about a week in water. The only way to enjoy their beauty for longer than a few months of the year, is to choose to go faux.

Gorgeous Faux Flowers for Your Interior

We have a fabulous selection of poppies in a variety of colours which are perfect for giving your interior that natural look. Here are some of our top poppy picks:


Red Poppy Stem - Our individual red poppy stems look so realistic with their real-touch buds and leaves. They have been created to look exactly as if you have picked them straight from your garden or a wildflower meadow. Now is the perfect time to purchase these stems as they are part of our summer 3 for 2 stems offer. 


Pale Apricot Pink Poppy Stem - These pale apricot poppies are perfect if you want to add a hint of colour to a neutral interior. They look stunning displayed on their own in a simple vessel, or can be used to create your own wildflower arrangement. They are also part of our summer 3 for 2 stem offer. 


Fuchsia Poppies and Foliage - If you love vibrant poppies, then you will love these fuchsia poppies with foliage which we have arranged in a frosted bottle vase. They look so realistic with their bright yellow centres and flocked stems. 


 Wild Flower Mix - This gorgeous arrangement of pale peach poppies with hidcote lavender and foliage looks so realistic and natural displayed in the optic glass cylinder vase. Perfect for updating your summer interior or for gifting as an August birthday present. 


Peonies, Roses and Poppies in a Large Tunisian Urn - Add a touch of glamour to your interior with this stunning arrangement. Comprising fresh peonies, roses and poppies with beautiful long leaf eucalyptus and winter foliage, it is set in a stunning Tunisian, hand-thrown urn with handles. We only have limited stock left of this gorgeous display so you will need to be quick if you would love it for your home.

Don’t forget - all of our individual stems are currently three for two in our summer 2022 stem offer. Shop our stem collection

August 10, 2022 — Julie Bates

July Flower of the month - Delphiniums

Glorious Delphiniums 
Delphinium flowers are a summer cottage garden staple for many British gardeners, as their tall flower spikes can help to give structure and height to borders. The name delphinium comes from the Greek word “delphis” meaning dolphin and is said to relate to the flower’s similarity to a dolphin. Many of you might also know them as Larkspur, a name which dates back to Tudor times. There are over 300 species of Delphinium plant to choose from with most flowering in June and July.

Growing Delphiniums can be a challenge
Delphiniums can grow up to 2 metres (or 6.5 feet) tall, which means you have to stake them to stop them from blowing over and snapping in the wind. Delphiniums also prefer moist, cool summers, dislike sudden wind or rain and can also cause skin irritation to anyone with sensitive skin.  

You Simply Have To Go Faux
Enjoy the beauty of Delphiniums without all the hard work by choosing faux! We have created two gorgeous varieties for you to choose from - the classic blue which many of you will recognise and the very beautiful bridal white. Both colours not only look real but have movement and the white are even real to the touch of a fresh delphinium from the florists or from the garden. They even come complete with beautiful green delphinium leaves and green fresh buds!

Julie's Top Delphinium Arrangement Ideas:

Bridal White Delphinium Stems - Our elegant bridal white extra long stem of real touch delphinium and delphinium foliage, look simply stunning on their own in a vase. I would recommend 5 stems in a vase for a simple, yet show stopping effect. 

Modern Decanter Vase Arrangement - Our decanter style vase has been made with love in Valencia and is the perfect vessel to showcase these bridal white delphiniums. Just look at how the shape of the stems matches perfectly with the shape of the vase - simply stunning! 

Mixed Delphiniums In A White Fluted Vase - Why have one colour of delphinium when you can have two? This arrangement has been created to match exactly how the delphiniums grow in the flowerbeds in the Ruckley gardens. The fluted white vase holds these stunning stems to perfection.

Delphiniums with Achillea, Eucalyptus and Foliage - These gorgeous blue delphinium stems add structure and height to this mixed arrangement of white Achillea and green foliage. The classic simplicity of the Christina Vase is the perfect vessel to display this arrangement. 

Don’t forget - if you need another reason to add these gorgeous delphiniums to your stem collection, then we have three for two on our stems throughout summer 2022!

July 13, 2022 — Julie Bates
June Flower of the Month: Roses

June Flower of the Month: Roses

Roses are often considered as one of the most quintessentially English plants with their beautiful scent and stunning colours. They also make the perfect cut flower and are often given as gifts.

One of the most famous names of modern rose cultivation is David Austin Roses. Since 1961 they have been growing and developing roses right here in the beautiful Shropshire countryside! 

Rose varieties

 There are so many gorgeous rose varieties to choose from that you could dedicate your whole garden to them - and I’m sure many of you have!

But to enjoy their beauty all year round? You simply have to go faux…

Our collection of faux roses have been designed to be as botanically correct as possible with many featuring real touch buds, leaves and thorns.

From pretty cabbage roses, vibrant red Old English roses through to bridal white rose buds, there is something for every rose enthusiast!

 Roses are such an incredibly versatile flower to arrange, as they look stunning in a plain vase on their own or combined with foliage or other seasonal flowers such as peonies or wisteria.

Here are just some of my top picks from our wonderful rose collection: 

  1. Lilac Cabbage Rose - this beautiful old English rose stem comes complete with leaves and is so botanically correct with the green edges on the petals and thorns.

  2. Bridal White Avalanche Rose - this is such an elegant rose to arrange in a glass vessel. Each stem comes with layers of green leaves which really enhance the bridal white colour.

  3. Rose and Hops - a rose copied straight from the gardens here at Ruckley, in stunning fuchsia with paler edges. We have arranged the rose with hops and salal leaves in our bottle vase and finished with our incredible still water.

  4. Rose Mix with Wisteria - arranged with salal leaves and displayed in the Grecian vase, this is such a seasonal bouquet. I love the combination of romantic bridal roses and cascading wisteria against the gorgeous greenery. 

  5. Rose Gift Set - give the gift of everlasting beauty with this arrangement. Our gift wrapped cylinder vase comes with wax flowers, eucalyptus and a vibrant red, open rose. All presented in a gift bag, it comes complete with our fresh flower fragrance.   

Finally, if your favourite feature of roses is their heavenly scent, then don’t forget to finish off your rose bouquets or arrangements with our flower fragrance sprays!

Our bestselling Fresh Flower fragrance combines rose, peony and eucalyptus and is the perfect accompaniment to your stems. If you like to layer your fragrances, you’ll simply love our  Gift Boxed Set, which contains three gorgeous scents to transport you straight to an English summer garden!

June 22, 2022 — Julie Bates
Caring for your Peony Faux Flowers

Caring for your Peony Faux Flowers

We all love the colour and scent of arranging fresh flowers in our homes, but sadly their beauty is often only fleeting. Even the most dedicated and meticulous of us struggle to get most cut flowers - especially roses - to last longer than a week. Their short lifespan is one of the reasons why faux flowers make such a fantastic addition to your homes!

Arranging your Peony faux flowers

Our Peony faux flower stems have been designed to be long-lasting so that you can enjoy them year after year. The individual stems and arrangements can be re-configured many times to create unique displays. Some of our stems are also waterproof which means you can add water to your vessels to give the look and feel of a freshly cut bouquet. No one has to know they’re faux, unless you let them in on the secret!  

The Fragrance of Real Flowers

We also offer a fantastic collection of fragrances to spray on to your arrangements to give them that freshly cut scent we all love. Choose from our classic Peony Fresh Flower spray which includes rose, peony and eucalyptus or opt for the scent of your favourite flower such as Sweet Pea, Orchid, Casablanca Lily or White Jasmine. The scents have been designed to smell as natural as possible and will ensure your home smells of fresh flowers all year round.      

How do I clean my Peony faux flowers?

To ensure your stems and arrangements look as fresh as possible, here are our top flower care tips: 

  1. Use a hairdryer, on a cool setting, to help blow away any surface dust. We also recommend investing in a small brush (such as a blusher or bronzing brush) to help remove smaller dust particles, especially between each petal. 
  2. Gently wipe each leaf with a clean, damp cloth. Make sure you use a cloth which is free of any cleaning products (as these could discolour the leaves).
  3. Clean the vase as you would with any ornament.
For a bonus element of luxury, spray your arrangement with one of our fragrances to ensure your flowers smell as good as they look! Easy to clean and easy to care for…there really is no better reason to go faux this season!
June 14, 2022 — Julie Bates
The Mood Boosting Power of Green

The Mood Boosting Power of Green

We all know that getting out into the fresh air can have a positive effect on our mental health and wellbeing. Whether it is going for a daily walk in the countryside or taking your dogs out to your local park, being outside can be a real mood booster. It is therefore no surprise that many of you have chosen to bring nature indoors by adding houseplants to your interior. Surrounding yourself with palms, ferns or aloe vera can be incredibly calming and fantastic for your mental health.

However, as our lives get busier, making sure you keep on top of the watering, feeding and general maintenance needed to keep your plants healthy, can be one more thing you would rather not have on your to do list. That’s why we have created a range of Essential Greens to enable you to enjoy all the benefits of adding greenery without any of the daily upkeep.

The latest addition to our collection is the stunning Kentia Palm. Planted in an on-trend hand woven basket and finished with real moss, it is designed to add impact to your open plan kitchen, garden room or even bathroom. Our Kentia Palm is so botanically correct with its paler upper leaves and darker undersides, that visitors to your home won’t know that it’s faux.

The entire Essential Greens collection has been designed to be as botanically correct and realistic as possible. Here are our current five favourites from the collection for bringing the outside in:

  1. Top of our list has to be the fantastic, vibrant, green Kentia Palm. We are so pleased with the look of this plant and are sure it will make a real impact in your homes as well.
  2. Add a touch of the Mediterranean to your interiors with the Peony Olive Tree in a grey ceramic vessel. This stunning, versatile piece is sure to be a real conversation starter!
  3. Update your garden room with our elegant, tall Artificial Fern which has been finished with real moss and set into a modern, marble effect ceramic. It is so realistic that you won’t be able to stop yourself from touching this luscious fern every time you walk past.     
  4. Our Real Touch Aloe Vera and Succulents are presented in a black ceramic bowl and finished with real gravel. Perfect for adding a touch of green to your home office.
  5. Finally, for our creative Peony fans, we have a gorgeous selection of individual stems for you to arrange. A particular favourite is the real touch Green Foliage with Pink Tones with its variegated leaves. The stems look stunning in a vessel on their own, or can be added to a larger arrangement of your favourite Peony stems. 


May 06, 2022 — Julie Bates
April is the Month of the Highly Scented Sweet Pea

April is the Month of the Highly Scented Sweet Pea

For many of us, Sweet Peas are an essential part of an English country garden, but did you know that they were only introduced to Britain in the late 1700s? The plant was first discovered in Southern Italy and the Mediterranean in the 1600s but it took until the late 1800s before they were widely grown and cultivated in Britain. One of the most renowned Sweet Pea growers was Henry Eckford who started a nursery in Wem, right here in the Shropshire countryside. Eckford’s “Grandiflora” varieties are still among the most popular grown by British gardeners today.

Traditionally, Sweet Peas were given as a gift to say goodbye or as a thank you. As spring is the season of new beginnings, we think Sweet Peas are the perfect flower to display in your home to mark the changing of the season. Keeping with traditions, Sweet Peas also make the perfect gift to say thank you to any family or friends who you may have visited, or are planning on visiting over the next few weeks. Or, you could take inspiration from the French, where they have long been given as a wedding gift to brides to offer good luck and best wishes for married life. 

Sweet Peas generally flower throughout June and July and are renowned for their highly perfumed scent. Enjoy this short-lived flower all year round by purchasing one of our pre-made bouquets or individual stems. Spray your flowers with our delicious Sweet Pea Fragrance to enjoy the scent of freshly cut flowers all year long. 

Don’t forget, we also have 20% off absolutely everything on our website until Friday 22nd April 2022!

April 20, 2022 — Julie Bates
Holly December Peony Faux Flowers

December is the month of both the Narcissus and the Holly.

It’s no surprise that Holly features as December’s birth flower (although we know technically it isn’t a flower). You’ll struggle to find a house in Britain at Christmas time that doesn’t have a sprig of Holly somewhere!

Thought to symbolise protection and defence (the spiky edges must have something to do with this), Holly is a gorgeous feature in any arrangement at this time of year.

As for the Narcissus, Greek mythology tells us that the Narcissus was formed when a man known for his beauty, was told he would live a long and happy life, as long as he never looked at his own reflection. He spent his life rejecting all love interests until fell in love with his own reflection in a lake became so obsessed that he fell in and drowned.

The Narcissus is known for symbolising good wishes, faithfulness and respect and the clean, white Narcissus is a beautiful December flower that would look beautiful in any home.

holly wreath December peony faux flowers
December 01, 2021 — Julie Bates
Chrysanthemum November Peony Faux Flowers

November is the month of the wonderful Chrysanthemum.

There’s something very special about receiving a personalised gift and choosing flowers that correspond to the lucky recipient’s birth month is a lovely way to show you care.

November is the month of the wonderful Chrysanthemum.

A bright and cheerful flower, that can be found in an amazing array of colours and sizes, the Chrysanthemum is a stunning addition to any garden or bouquet. They are often referred to as ‘mum’s and the Australian’s often give them as gifts on Mother’s Day for this very reason. The chrysanthemum is also the city flower of Beijing and Kaifeng!

Often known for symbolising honesty, Chrysanthemum’s actually tend to symbolise different things to different nationalities and to make it more confusing, they that often contradict each other!

In some places the symbolise love and passion, in others sorrow. In Japan they believe that finding a Chrysanthemum petal at the bottom of a wine glass will bring you a happy and healthy life!

Nevertheless, they are a stunning flower that make a wonderful and thoughtful gift all year round and we love using them in our arrangements.

Chrysanthemum Peony Faux Flowers November


November 01, 2021 — Julie Bates